Urban Farming – Inspirational!

A family of 4 living in the suburbs of LA with full sustainability on 1/5th of an acre.  Inspirational! Also, a great youtube site on urban farming called ‘Growing Your Greens’

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Reverse diabetes in 30 days with raw food

I am one of the growing number of people in the world who have reversed diabetes (type 2) using raw food. Raw food can also be used to help heal many other diseases. Wellness is everything.

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Animal Souls

“Animal Souls” is a truly special Theosophy blog post of videos and information that reveals some interesting things about the state of the world today

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Quick & easy permanent weightloss – overcoming diabetes the easy way

This video tells the story of Clent Manich, or how he almost died of obesity and diabetes, and then discovered raw smoothies. How he lost 226lbs in a year with no loose skin. How he was happy doing this and is happy after this. A long term solution to critical lifestyle problems. See http://www.rawfamily.com/ for more information. I did something very similar, overcoming diabetes with raw food and transforming my life. I am growing younger and healthier by the day. Robert Bruce

Losing weight and beating diabetes – this works

The heartwarming and exciting video of Clent Manich telling his story of how he almost diet from obesity and then discovered Raw Smoothies. How he quickly overcame diabetes, lost 226 lbs, has no loose skin, and now has good health and weight and ‘wellness’. As As Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” rawfood

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Vancouver Excerpts #6

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Psychic self-defense, permission issue, higher self, subconscious, stomach (the second brain) psychology, affirmations, diet, shopping with your stomach, raw foods, diabetes pandemic, Gabriel Cousins, low nutrient modern food, solutions, pesticides, obesity and malnutrition, weight loss through raw foods, food and energy and OBE and meditation and spiritual development, slight discomfort and OBE. 32 Minutes.