Two great altered state sound albums for $1.00 each

Here’s a great opportunity to grab two new altered state inducing sound albums for $1.00 each download – created by J.S. Epperson

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The Dalai Lama speaks on Death and OBE

The Dalai Lama discusses death and OBE, in how consciousness separates at death, and how this can be practiced before death, which of course involves OBE.

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30 Odd Minutes Anniversary Show

30 Odd Minutes Anniversary Show. The funny side of Paranormal Investigation

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Electric Humans, OBE, PK, Auras

An excellent collection of videos on OBE, Telekinesis, auras, and other human energy fields, from Odin’s Theosophy blog

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Tom Campbell at TMI Video

A great video of Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute explaining the theories in his book, My Big Toe. A 2 hour video. Highly Recommended! Tom Campbell's My Big Toe video at TMI

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An interesting article on Kundalini, with some details of my own experiences with this. This question was re-raised recently on my forums, so I thought I’d share it here

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