The Empathic Civilization – RSA Animate

An excellent, thought provoking civilization on where we humans have come from, where we are, and where we might be heading next

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Inner Values – TED Video

A brilliant TED presentation by Mark Waldman on inner values. What is your deepest innermost value? Find out here.

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Animal Souls

“Animal Souls” is a truly special Theosophy blog post of videos and information that reveals some interesting things about the state of the world today

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Separation Syndrome

An excellent collection of videos and articles on the sense of separateness that is tearing the world apart Continue reading Separation Syndrome

Why Radiation Causes Breast Cancer

Compelling reading for everyone. Hard scientific evidence concerning the safety of mammograms and Xrays for women.

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Oil Spill Fix – but no one is interested

I got this off a Twitter by Whitley Strieber. A top secret oil spill into the Persian Gulf in 1993 was many times larger than the Gulf spill, and it was cleaned up. The engineer who successfully did this has offered his services to clean up this spill, but no one seems interested.

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Mars & Venus Collide

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Excellent audio interview and video of Dr. John Gray on relationships and differences in perception and behavior of men and women. The video player is inside the ‘Read More’ section.

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Biology of Belief meets Tao of Change

Fascinating interview – Dyer and Lipton discuss the nature and effects of beliefs. Everyone should watch this. Profound.

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