30 Odd Minutes Anniversary Show

30 Odd Minutes Anniversary Show. The funny side of Paranormal Investigation

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Electric Humans, OBE, PK, Auras

An excellent collection of videos on OBE, Telekinesis, auras, and other human energy fields, from Odin’s Theosophy blog

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Tom Campbell at TMI Video

A great video of Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute explaining the theories in his book, My Big Toe. A 2 hour video. Highly Recommended! Tom Campbell's My Big Toe video at TMI

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An interesting article on Kundalini, with some details of my own experiences with this. This question was re-raised recently on my forums, so I thought I’d share it here

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The Creative Muse

Awesome 18 minute speech on creativity and the muse, by acclaimed author, Elizabeth Gilbert “Eat, Pray, Love” Thoughts on some of the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses

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Manifestation and Self-Healing DVD by Robert Bruce

A DVD on Manifestation and Self-Healing (MASH) Filmed during Robert’s 3 day 2009 conference at the Edgar Cayce Foundation Virginia Beach, USA. This 3 DVD set is planned for release around April 2010. Please direct all inquiries to MASH @ astraldynamics.com  Watch the MASH promo in the video player on this blog.

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Robert Bruce on TV for 30 Odd Minutes

Click on pic to see Robert Bruce (me) on TV discussing astral projection and energy work. The show is called ’30 Odd Minutes’  www.30oddminutes.com This show takes a friendly and humorous look into the paranormal Continue reading Robert Bruce on TV for 30 Odd Minutes