Caroline Myss – free audio/video collection

I have the utmost respect for Caroline Myss, a fellow mystic and teacher. I was just browsing her website and found a page overflowing with free video and audio presentations. Highly recommended.

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Manifestation and Self Healing DVD Promotion

This video is the new HD promotion for MASH — a 4 disk DVD set filmed during my 2009 Edgar Cayce Foundation conference. The focus is on manifestation, energy work, and self healing. This program is now available as a digital download, or as physical 4 x DVD set, from

How to RIP binaural beats CDs

Informative article on the ins and outs of  ripping binaural beats CDs. Ripping is a term for copying soundtracks from CDs you own  into compressed formats (MP3, etc) for use on music devices, like IPods and MP3 players).

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Oil Spill Fix – but no one is interested

I got this off a Twitter by Whitley Strieber. A top secret oil spill into the Persian Gulf in 1993 was many times larger than the Gulf spill, and it was cleaned up. The engineer who successfully did this has offered his services to clean up this spill, but no one seems interested.

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Tom Campbell at TMI Video

A great video of Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute explaining the theories in his book, My Big Toe. A 2 hour video. Highly Recommended! Tom Campbell's My Big Toe video at TMI

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Biology of Belief meets Tao of Change

Fascinating interview – Dyer and Lipton discuss the nature and effects of beliefs. Everyone should watch this. Profound.

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Robert Bruce on TV for 30 Odd Minutes

Click on pic to see Robert Bruce (me) on TV discussing astral projection and energy work. The show is called ’30 Odd Minutes’ This show takes a friendly and humorous look into the paranormal Continue reading Robert Bruce on TV for 30 Odd Minutes

Afformations – powerful tool

Afformations are affirmations that are phrased as questions to get around internal resistance.

Ideally, a combination of affirmations, afformations, and commands provide the best response for manifestation and self healing. Use a combination of verbal (spoken aloud) and silent for the best results.

This video is part of a series on youtube. See this link for the other parts