Water Water Everywhere

Science shows that there is several times more water in the Earth's crust than exist in all the world's oceans. This, scientists say, is because water is actually produced by volcanic processes. And it is these processes that have produced all of the earth's water over billions of years.

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Forced Vaccination?

You will have heard about the huge Mandatory Vaccination push in many states in the USA recently. This, from a country that gives 'double' the vaccinations of any other country, but that ranks the lowest of all developed nations, and in fact many third world countries have better public health than the USA. The video given her is representative of what is actually going on behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. A similar thing is happening in Australia, which has a similar vaccination schedule as the USA, and people are being blackmailed and forced into vaccinating their children. Billions of dollars in profit are involved for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.vaccines

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This Matrix We All Share

If you are familiar with my work, you will have heard me speak of reality and 'the greater reality' and 'the realization process' and 'ascension' many times. This post is a starting point for revealing the true nature of reality, which is vastly different from what you might consider to be real life.

atlas image

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Manifestation and Self Healing DVD Promotion

This video is the new HD promotion for MASH — a 4 disk DVD set filmed during my 2009 Edgar Cayce Foundation conference. The focus is on manifestation, energy work, and self healing. This program is now available as a digital download, or as physical 4 x DVD set, from AstralBob.com

Quick & easy permanent weightloss – overcoming diabetes the easy way

This video tells the story of Clent Manich, or how he almost died of obesity and diabetes, and then discovered raw smoothies. How he lost 226lbs in a year with no loose skin. How he was happy doing this and is happy after this. A long term solution to critical lifestyle problems. See http://www.rawfamily.com/ for more information. I did something very similar, overcoming diabetes with raw food and transforming my life. I am growing younger and healthier by the day. Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce on TV for 30 Odd Minutes

Click on pic to see Robert Bruce (me) on TV discussing astral projection and energy work. The show is called ’30 Odd Minutes’  www.30oddminutes.com This show takes a friendly and humorous look into the paranormal Continue reading Robert Bruce on TV for 30 Odd Minutes

Afformations – powerful tool

Afformations are affirmations that are phrased as questions to get around internal resistance.

Ideally, a combination of affirmations, afformations, and commands provide the best response for manifestation and self healing. Use a combination of verbal (spoken aloud) and silent for the best results.

This video is part of a series on youtube. See this link for the other parts