Forced Vaccination?

You will have heard about the huge Mandatory Vaccination push in many states in the USA recently. This, from a country that gives 'double' the vaccinations of any other country, but that ranks the lowest of all developed nations, and in fact many third world countries have better public health than the USA. The video given her is representative of what is actually going on behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. A similar thing is happening in Australia, which has a similar vaccination schedule as the USA, and people are being blackmailed and forced into vaccinating their children. Billions of dollars in profit are involved for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.vaccines

If mandatory vaccination policies are allowed to take root and spread, we will have 'allowed' the creation of a legal Medical Dictatorship. And it will not be long before everyone, adults and children alike, will be forced to have frequent injections of whatever the pharmaceutical companies dream up to boost their profits.

*Please do your own research and find out how you can help. Click the youtube button on bottom right of this video player, to play video on youtube, and you'll see many more videos on the right that relate to these issues, including the lack of safety testing and black ops style behavior of pharmaceutical companies. Given the enormous amount of money involved, this is not surprising.


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