This Matrix We All Share

If you are familiar with my work, you will have heard me speak of reality and 'the greater reality' and 'the realization process' and 'ascension' many times. This post is a starting point for revealing the true nature of reality, which is vastly different from what you might consider to be real life.

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If you read my earlier blog called The Catch Basket Concept, you will have come away with a feeling of disquiet that you just can't put your finger upon. That experience, twenty years ago, changed my life and put me onto the path of truth, hunting actual reality. I started within myself, working with my own beliefs. This was Part One of the Catch Basket Concept. Part Two is what I am talking about here…which is to start looking at the world around you and everything in it. If you have done the work on yourself, you will start to see not only cracks but bricks falling everywhere as the false reality of The Matrix we live in falling apart before your eyes. Just remember as you begin to see this that you are the only one that can see this. And also be aware that if you point these contradictions to logic and truth out to others, they will attack you and fight to stay in the nice comfortable reality in which they live.

It is at this stage of the Realization Process that you will begin to feel like a character in a science fiction novel, as you peek out through the veil and begin to see actual reality outside of the matrix. This is a very uncomfortable place for anyone to be, and many will turn and run screaming as they try to forget what they have just discovered. This is possible, but it involves  forcing yourself into a state of denial. In time, this will again enfold you, but you will never be truly happy with your life again. For all that, living in denial is probably more comfortable than taking the next steps in The Realization Process.

The world in which we live and all share is, in many ways, much like the world depicted in the movie, The Matrix. I am not the first one to use this title to describe the heavily Mind Controlled nature of our world. The programming we all receive starts at birth, from our families. It continues throughout our lives, through society and the media. But it is not just about us. We also take part in programming and controlling everyone else we know. The programming we share is ubiquitous and largely invisible. And it is far, far deeper than you might suspect. It is so close and pervasive that we cannot see it. Not until you actually start to look for it. And then, the first think you will notice are hairline cracks.

The short TED interview below provides a clear piece of the Matrix puzzle, showing some ways in which the media is used to maintain items of programming and what is called The Official Narrative. The official narrative IS the matrix, and this includes everything from what you eat for breakfast, what you wear, to religion, science, current affairs, all of history, and, well, just about everything you can imagine. The official narrative is not the truth of course, not by a long shot. It is a skillfully crafted version of reality.

This excellent video is a tiny sliver of the iceberg, a brief glimpse of the elephant in the dining room, that you will never see.

The principles revealed in this video are a good example of how public opinion is crafted to support the official narrative. And this is, of course highly political and money driven… so the highest bidder can alter reality to suit an agenda.

Note how you now feel. There is a slight disturbance inside of you…a vague feeling of unease. This is because your higher self knows exactly what your perception of reality is. And this is why you do not have closer contact with your higher self. You see, your higher self resides within you, within every cell of your body. It is so close to you that, like air, you can't see it. The higher self exists in the present moment, which is a state of absolute truth. So the only way to 'align' with your higher self is to perceive and accept the actual truth about 'everything' in you and around you.

Can you see the dilemma we all face here?

The truth is that we not only fool and lie to ourselves about ourselves all the time, but we also perceive a fake reality. This of course is so far from actual truth in the present moment that your higher self might as well be in another galaxy, while you try to communicate with it through smoke signals. This is why your efforts at manifestation do not work very well. This is also why a master can perform miracles, because a master 'lives' within and 'perceives' and 'accepts' actual reality…worts and all.

Now can you see the potential contradiction in which you exist?

That vaguely disturbing feeling is getting worse, I know. Time for me to leave…for now.

I will be writing more on this topic soon. This is as deep as it gets. Uncovering and revealing the matrix is best done a little at a time. Too much at once is way too disturbing for anyone to bear.

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  1. Hi Robert,

    I’m really excited to see your recent blog activity! I thought I’d comment to share a synchronicity in my life related to this topic. First, I want to say that my family and I are on the exact same path of discovery about food/diet/health/nutrition that you seem to be. It’s amazing- pretty much everything you’ve shared in the last few years on the forums about these topics, we’d either just discovered the exact same thing, or what you share fits in perfectly with other things we’ve just realized and enriches the whole of our awakening. I agree with your philosophy on these matters 100% and am trying to live accordingly.

    A few weeks ago, I randomly stumbled upon pink Himalayan salt online. I’d never seen or heard of this, since I live in a poor country where access to specialty items, organic food, even vitamins is scarce. Anyway, I remember forming a strong desire to get my hands on this and incorporate it into my diet. I didn’t mention this to anyone, but then my dad traveled to the US for a week and by coincidence, brought some of this back with him. I immediately recognized the synchronicity and asked to buy it off him. Now my family and I are using it with just about every meal. That was 2 weeks ago- now I click on your block following the link to the catch basket concept, and the first thing I see when the page opens is the same pink salt!

    On another note, I recently had a back problem and in trying to find a chiropractor, I ended up basically by accident, or through synchronicity, receiving an “alternative” treatment called Neural Therapy. I had never heard of this before. The back problem was cured instantly. Since then, I’ve taken several family members with different ailments to this practitioner and the results have been amazing.  I’ve since researched a little about this therapy and find it very interesting. It really worked for me, so I thought I’d share.

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