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I just had the idea to run a journal of my inspirational thoughts and ideas, and to share them here in my blog and other outlets available to me. The reason for this is that currently I keep these things all over the place, in many files and journals, on bits of paper, and sometimes in the memories of others through conversations I have not recorded. Not very efficient and certainly a poor way of sharing my inspirational nuggets. The following is an example…something that came to me a few minutes ago, sparked by a question I received via email.

Robert Bruce Journal -12/06/2015 – This entry relates to The Catch Basket Concept. We try to make reality fit our beliefs and assumptions, and wonder why we cannot connect with the divine. We look for fault in ourselves, in our methods and trainings, in surroundings and environment, in our genetic history and upbringing. In fact, we look everywhere but where we need to look, which is of course within. Even if we do suspect some of our beliefs and trainings, we do not know where to start and how to deconstruct and refine them. It never occurs to us to throw ‘everything’ away that we cannot touch, feel, and experience firsthand through personal experience.

There is a case for empirical knowledge in the quest for spiritual knowledge and evolution. But this must come from sources that hold true to the doctrine of personal experience and The Way of The Master, as laid out in The Catch Basket Concept. The spiritual aspirant needs to adopt some of the ways of Scientific Method, in order to accomplish this monumental feat of progressive logic and reason.

The idea of 'Ascension' is difficult to understand. Most people (and teachers and authors in the spiritual arena) seem to think this involves some kind of dematerialization and shift into another dimension. I, too, used to think this same thing. Ascension involves purging beliefs in all areas, including real life, in order to have a totally objective perspective of reality. It is this perspective that is called 'Ascension'. This is also called 'Realization' and 'Illumination'. Doing this takes us outside of all that is known and believed, and to do this is to step into the Greater Spiritual Reality.

Catch Basket Concept updated and revise Feb 2015

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  1. renowned boss!

    guess what! This week, looks like project BARD (Proof: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt has risen from the dead, metaphorically speaking. More on that soon!!

    peace and aloha my brother!


    J. Turner

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