Update on Robert Bruce’s web presence

I am in the process of redeveloping my forum site at www.astraldynamics.org (aka .com.au). The first stage is now complete, which was the migration of all my web facilities to a new high quality ‘managed’ VPS on a very fast server, hosted by www.urljet.com. The ‘managed’ aspect means that expert support is always on hand, which is very fast and most issues can be resolved in under ten minutes…saving me a lot of headaches.

To begin the next stage, over the coming week or so, I will be adding an awesome new theme ‘skin’ to the forums. You might thing that you are on the wrong page when you arrive, but you’ll find that everything will be in its usual place, forums and etcetera. You can preview this theme ‘Click Here’

A new .html front page is also being created, matching the new theme precisely, and this will become the main ‘landing’ page. So when you go to the forums using the domain urls given above, you’ll arrive at the new forum ‘website’ landing page instead of just the forum ‘articles’ page on vBulletin. Access to the forum will be clearly marked. The reasons for this new landing page is that the forum engine, vBulletin, while excellent, does not allow quite enough flexibility for the new features on my wish list.

My current plan is to include three WordPress blogs: Conversations With A Mystic, Waking Mad, and another with a spiritual psychology theme. All of these will be RSS (really simple syndication) fed into the main forum blog section.

There will also be pages on: products, events, services, and resources. Some advertizing will also be included, and we will continue to develop the site in creative ways to forge a valuable resource and community center.

peace, robert

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