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This came to me today while answering an email from my friend, Ali, in Italy. Inspired by Marina sending me a wonderful Eckhart Tolle video, which gave me much pause for thought – see the previous post for the video.

“I have learned that I am more than my physical body and mind… more than my self alone… a great deal more. OBE brings me closer to my Higher Self. This could also be called my Spiritual Guide, my Inner Master, or my Divine Self, or even… God. This higher aspect of ME is more receptive and proactive during OBE. There is no other workable explanation for how commands/requests are answered so immediately while out of body. My divine self is a part of me, IS me. We are ONE. My personality and memories are aspects of ME, and in turn these are aspects of my Divine Self. If I stop thinking completely and just BE in deep meditation I can align – tune into – my Divine Mind. (This can also be called Buddha Mind, or Divine Mind, or simply God). Then I merge with and become that which I AM.

My divine self is like a mansion in an infinite estate of mansions – like the stars in the sky. Within this mansion I am a single room. But it is very difficult to see this room for what it truly is – very difficult to know where it truly is. My memories and personality – all that I am – comprise the contents of this room…the furniture and trappings and books and even the floor and ceiling and walls and doors and windows themselves. The SPACE which this room occupies is my Divine Self – my part of Source, of God, of The ONE Consciousness. We occupy the same space, but the content and form gets in the way and makes it difficult for me to perceive this Divine Space for what it truly is. I try to be very quiet so that I can be more than my mortal self, but I am constantly distracted by content and form and activity. It is only when I am very, very, very quiet and still that I begin to perceive The Presence of this Divine Space. Then and only them am I transported beyond my mortal self. Only then can I truly say… I am The Great I AM.

We all occupy rooms in these infinite mansions. And if we take the time to remove the content, including the walls and doors and floors and ceilings and windows, we find that there is nothing between us – nothing between you and I – nothing but illusion. And if we are very quiet and very still we find that there are also no gaps between these mansions. There is only ONE universal mansion and we are most truly that which we perceive.

My Divine Self spoke to me once in mortal words twenty years ago – the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, deep and rich and eloquent and resonant. The sound of His voice haunts me today, as if this only happened minutes ago. He told me what I have told you here. He also told me how I could become closer to Him by examining my self and recreating my beliefs, so that I would become filled with actual experience-based truth, rather than assumptions and the beliefs and stories of others. He said that this would bring me closer to Him – would align me closer to His frequency. Anyone can do this if they try. Anyone can write their own story and find their own truth.

Actual truth is aligned to the divine. What is not true is merely illusion. Illusion is not attuned with the divine.

We all know truth when we experience truth. If we eat apples we know the texture and taste of apples. If we fall in love we know what love is. If we stumble and hurt ourselves we know what pain is. If our hearts are broken we know heartbreak. But if someone tells us what God is, we do not truly know God anymore than a child knows what it is to fly by pretending to have wings. God can only be experienced and lived and loved firsthand. This is so simple that any child can easily do this. But our rooms are so cluttered with content and form and mortal activity that we cannot see the obvious – we cannot see the gigantic elephants in our rooms.

The content and form of our lives and the hustle and bustle of life blinds us to the actual truth. We are too absorbed trying to keep up with life as we think we know it – as we believe we know it. We are too busy to sit still and listen for long enough to become truly quiet and to actually know Divine Truth by experiencing it. This is the way of it – this is the way of mortal life. Life is designed this way. Life teaches us this way. But we always have the option to stop and to be quiet – to be still and to know that we are all a part of The Great I AM within.”

Robert Bruce – today in 2012.

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