Manifesting, receiving, and circulating wealth

How comfortable a relationship you have with having and accepting money is worthy of serious thought

Concerning the laws of attraction, receiving, and circulation, I had a precious moment at an Oregon workshop I was giving a couple of years back. During a break, I was coaching a man, Pedro, on how to manifest money. He had a problem with holding onto money. I had just found a shiny penny and told him how I had dived on it and accepted it passionately, because life does not know the difference between a penny and a million dollars. He frowned and told me he had earlier thrown a penny away. We searched for it, but it was gone. It was not the same penny I had found. Feeling guided, I gifted him my penny, explaining that now the circle was complete…finding, accepting, giving, circulating. I said that this would come back to me many fold. We returned to the workshops and as we came through the door, a few people who had bought books caught me and paid me. I held the cash, over $100.oo, and Pedro’s eyes widened in amazement. He got it. I asked him what he though the return rate was on my penny. I love it when that happens.

The following link has some more information on this that might be of interest. . .

The law of circulation

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