The real cause of schizophrenia and PTSD

I just found this amazing website by Dr. McKenzie MD. and was blown away by the priceless observations and new ideas.McKenzie’s work is a shining example of new thought in an area of desperation. His work goes totally against popular medicine, but his work is impeccable. Childhood trauma, namely separation from the mother in the first three years of life, is the cause of many horrific mental disorders.

Please go to this link and watch the videos and read the rest of the site. You’ll be glad you did.

McKenzie also has a unique cure, which is unpopular and does not involve drugs. It is based on the theory that events in the family as an adult trigger the childhood trauma and this results in PTSD episode, also called schizophrenia. The cure is total separation from the family, which is triggering the episodes. As I said, this is unpopular, but it seems to work


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