Realization Process

What is realization? Is it a thought? A feeling? A knowing? A process?

A  thought is radically different from a realization.

You can think of anything. Imagine you are a giraffe?

You can think being a giraffe, but you will not be a giraffe.

Realization is different. Realization must be based on firsthand personal experience.

The application of the concept of you being Source is not intended to aggrandize the ego.

Embracing this concept is meant to be humbling.

To widen one’s concept of what one is and where one fits into the universe.

You realize that you are a worm on an infinite beach.

A thought in the mind of God.

This leads to the realization that you are a part of the ultimate power in the universe, Source.

With infinite potential and power.

Now, if you fully realized this, you would instantly become immortal and all-powerful.

With perfect creativity.

Imagine something and it would appear.

Say something and it would be so.

The above is too much to take in at once.

A little at a time is better.

It is a process.

So how do you get the necessary experience to have this realization?

A little bit at a time.

Start manifesting little things with affirmations.

Work up to bigger things, by building on your success.

Start thinking about how it all works.

You’ll get it eventually.

Robert Bruce

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