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The heartwarming and exciting video of Clent Manich telling his story of how he almost diet from obesity and then discovered Raw Smoothies. How he quickly overcame diabetes, lost 226 lbs, has no loose skin, and now has good health and weight and ‘wellness’. As As Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” rawfood

See http://www.rawfamily.com/ for more information on how to do this with raw food smoothies. I did something very similar (me, Robert Bruce), and overcame severe diabetes with raw food.

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Improving your wellness and vitality has a big impact on your spiritual aspects, including energy work, OBE, and psychic abilities.You cannot separate your physical body from your spiritual bodies. They affect each other, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. What affects one will affect all the others.

If you wonder why modern medicine does not advocate this raw food approach, well, think about it. There is no money in curing obesity and diabetes, nor any other disease or condition for that matter. This is not conspiracy thinking. The world is by large controlled by powerful corporations. They are not evil. They are just corporations. And all corporations are interested only in increased profits and reduced losses and expenses. This is in the nature of all corporations, from small to large. They increase profits, develop and maintain new markets, protect cash flow, put competition out of business any way they can.

With few exceptions, everything in this world is about money and profit margins and…power. The truth and what is right or wrong and the science involved has very little to do with this. To understand what is happening in the world of health and medicine, simply put yourself into the shoes of any corporation that is in the business of selling drugs or medical treatments of any kind. These things are ‘products’.

As a corporation, would you willingly point to a health food store and tell people ‘eat lots of raw fruit and vegetables and you will be cured’ and know that this will cut your profits by half, or even bankrupt your company? You might, but do you think any CEO with a board of directors and shareholders with trillions of dollars involved would be allowed to do this? Not likely.

Now, by large, the above does not apply to doctors and other health care professionals, who are generally well intended and want to help people be well and happy.

A good example of the above rests in the various ‘food pyramids’ that exist around the world. If you look at any number of these, you’ll find there are differences. These differences reflect the power of food producing lobby groups, corporations and associations, in the various countries and regions of the world.  The point here is that medical science does not vary in its opinion. Chemistry and biology are exact sciences. Only the political power of lobby groups varies, which changes what a populations is told, which has a huge effect on the general health of that population.

Discovering what is actually going on in the world today is very difficult. Conflicting opinions and arguments about. And as long as there is conflicting information and debating, this situation will continue. Under these circumstances, real science is not allowed to do what is right, what actually works.

The only way to work around the above is to make yourself informed. Realize that this state of affairs will not change any time soon. The only cure for this global malady is to educate people with the truth. This involves becoming spiritually aware. Health care and treatments for health conditions should be allowed to follow true science, based on what works instead of what is most profitable.

(Robert gets off his soapbox)

Again, with regards to raw food as medicine… as Hippocrates the father of modern medicine said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”

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