The astral planes and the structure of reality

Some thoughts on the structure of reality, and the greater reality, by Robert Brucechakras 2

A question from a PAPI student. (PAPI = The Practical Astral Projection and Energy Work Intensive, is the online course Robert offers through the Hall of Learning)  For more information on courses click here

The question:

“I am very interested in learning more about what OBE’rs call reality fluctuations. In the chapter on fluctuations it discusses the accuracy of the real time zone compared to the accuracy of the astral realm, the real time zone being more accurate.

My question about the real time zone is does it always exist in the now. In other words could someone astral travel to the past and future while remaining in the real time zone, or can you only explore the real time zone in the now?

As for the astral plane being an approximation of reality, is there only one astral version of our world or are there multiple versions of our world in the astral plane, some more accurate to our world than others?”

Answer from Robert Bruce…

Unfortunately, there are no simple answers here. But I will do what I can.

The real time zone, as far as I can tell, exists in the now…because it is a direct reflection of reality.

Mind you, the definition of ‘the now’ has multiple layers. The first layer is to be fully present time wise, activity wise, perception wise. The higher level involves being in the flow, connected with your higher self and ‘everything’ around you. This is what Eckhart Tolle means when he says ‘you are the now’.

Back to the question….

Past and future real time zones are outside this, because they are not direct reflections of reality. Reality in this case has passed, or has not happened. Also involved here are beliefs, and higher self perceptual filters, and the flow of ‘the now’ into the future. The future is not set in stone but has variables. These variables are choices of conscious beings. Small choices in the past have big effects on the future, etc.

A small choice made by a person a hundred years ago can have massive effects on today.

Beliefs and what you are prepared to accept also play a part when viewing the past or the future. If, for example, you view the past and it is not consistent with what you know of history, this will cause problems and reality fluctuations to occur.

If you view the future and see things you have difficulty accepting, or are contrary to what you believe might happen, again this can cause fluctuations.

Your higher self holds the biggest keys in this respect, as it sets your perceptual filters and capabilities. This can be thought of as partly a self limiting factor, and also a need for permission from higher self to express the necessary abilities, and to access accurate data from the past or future.

As far as I can tell, there are multiple versions of astral planes generated by the beliefs and perceptions and dreams. These can be likened to the Bardo Realms…realms of illusion created by beliefs.

The beliefs and perceptions of humankind can be said to flow into the astral dimension. This can be thought of a massive act of manifestation. And the physical reality flows out of the astral into present reality.

The most important thing to know as an astral projector, is that the astral planes are extensions of physical reality. The physical universe is an illusion, albeit a very solid illusion…often called Maya.

So, it is not the actual dimensions and realms that need navigating to find more accuracy, but the mind and beliefs of projectors.

To perceive more accurately while out of body, your beliefs and perceptions need to be cleansed according to ones own personal experience.


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