The meaning of life?

The meaning of life sounds complex, but it is actually very simple. This eludes us because of our natural attachment to the physical universe. We get in the way of our ability to perceive this flower4

To understand the meaning of life, you need a starting point, a solid foundation, upon which to build a new framework of understanding. To find this point, first some questions…

Upon what personal experience do you base each of your beliefs?

Have a read of my ‘catch basket concept’ article on the nature of beliefs? Follow the instructions and get two pages and on the first page, list all your beliefs. Take your time. Then, on the other page, list those beliefs which are based on personal experience.

Again, take your time, this is worth doing.

Apply this method to distilling all your ‘beliefs’ down to those based on personal experience and it may not leave you with much. But what is left over is very real and solid. You can say ‘I experienced that’. This is the starting point, the foundation, from which your new belief system will grow.


Be brutally honest with yourself. This is the point of it all. “To thine own self be true.” Your eventual list may be very short and simple. It may look like the following.

1. Dreams are real. I experience dreams.

2. Lucid dreams are real. I have experienced many.

3. Auras are real. I have seen auras.

4. Spiritual healing is real. I have received healing many times and it works.

5….6…. etc, etc.

Many people struggle with ‘the meaning of life’. This is hidden from us because of ego and attachment to the physical, and to our need to have some kind of control over life and self.

The meaning of life is the journey, not the destination. The ‘experience’ of life is everything, every day…, even today… every second and minute of every day is what is important. This is part of what Tolle means by ‘living in the NOW’

Imagine Source/God is everything, like a gigantic lens. Tune this lens just right and you get ‘You’. Tune it differently and you get ‘Robert’ or ‘Someone else’. We are all a part of the one. So, think of ‘the one’ experiencing life in every cell and atom and person and animal in the universe, including you.

In this way we are all connected, all a part of one another, all a part of everything, including insects and animals and rocks and trees and flowers….everything.

Look at at the night sky and let your perceptions spread out and take it all in. You can’t….its too big. But you can feel how tiny you are. This is a good start. ‘I am a worm on an endless beach, existing on cosmic detritus, struggling to evolve alongside all my fellow creatures.’ This helps give you perspective.

Now, as you, it is obvious that it is your task in life to experience life and to grow. With this realization comes a need to help others. So service becomes a part of your primary living motivation.

The bottom line here is that the universe and the meaning of it all, and the meaning of life are way, way too complex for us mere mortals to truly understand. This is because the answer is way, way, too simple for us to understand. We want big and complex and meaningful and ego fulfilling and grand, whereas life gives us easy and simple and humble.

All we do know is that ‘evolution’ is key, because evolution and change applies to all things. Nothing in the universe remains the same. Everything changes. And simple as it sounds, this is the meaning of life….to grow and to change and to evolve. Where we are heading and the true nature of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of it all does not really matter. What does matter is that we accept what is and that we do our best.

A wildflower does not have to know the meaning of life and its purpose in order to grow from a seed to a flower. And over a great length of time the wildflower changes, adapts, evolves. It also feeds a lot of bees and insects along the way. It does not need to know anything. It just is. It is perfect just the way it is. And it becomes a little more perfect every day.

If you let Source worry about the how and the why and the meaning of it all, and focus on living every day to the best of your ability, life becomes much simpler and happier. It also becomes more exciting. Because in doing this, you free yourself up so much from the weight of ego based material existence. You become like a child looking in awe and wonder at a wildflower for the very first time….

In perpetual awe and wonder… Robert Bruce.