Psychic Security Part One

My thoughts on the matter of psychic security in a nutshell, and why everyone needs to know this. ppsd tiny

Psychic Security in a Nutshell

Robert Bruce – 2009

Following is a thumbnail sketch to clarify my approach to psychic security and self-defense. This is based on experience and common sense. I did not get involved in this subject just for the fun of it. Originally it was a matter of survival on my part. Then it extended to helping others that were led to me. Like my namesake, I never give up. I am helping the helpless. The thousands of sobbing letters of gratitude I receive for my published works on this subject are thanks enough.

Reading this article is highly recommended. The reason being that even if you disagree or do not believe what you are reading, should it ever hit the fan in your life, you will already have the basic and most powerful countermeasures in your mind. EG, “Oh dear, this does not look good, what was that Robert said about basic countermeasures?” And when you apply this and find it works, you have just saved yourself enormous problems.

This can be likened to learning first aid. You don’t expect to find people dying all around you just because you learned first aid…the law of attraction and etc….but, its worth learning ‘just in case’.

Its fine to disagree with me, so long as this is experience based and not belief based. Too much Deja Moo is bad for the health, and after awhile it just gets irritating.

My approach to the matter of spiritual security and self-defense is experience-based. If you get past all the belief systems and religious and spiritual historical stuff involved, it all comes down to electromagnetism, EM. Understanding this helps remove a lot of the natural fear involved.

Your state of mind and beliefs and intentions are very important to psychic security. But this is not a perfect defense, any more than believing that 110 volts is harmless, or that one is immune to lightening just because you have never been struck by lightening.

I use beliefs and manifestation principles in my work. These are the ultimate solution. However, taking a person, or child, off the streets and getting them to the point where their beliefs and intentions are powerful enough, experience based, to keep his or her energy body and mind free of invasive negative forces and beings is no mean feat. With a willing adult, this would take about 3 years of diligent work. For a child, it becomes impossible. Even more so for a baby of pre language age.

Most spiritual problems like this involve either hereditary spirit attachments, or accidental problems, eg, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, regardless of your own personal beliefs and confidence and higher self protection, you need to listen here. This is because, your personal protection only involves you. This does not help other people and loved ones around you. Sure, you may be able to remove an atmosphere, and even remove a troublesome entity at times. But, give it a few days and it usually all comes back when the coast is clear. Rare exceptions.
For all intents and purposes, the vast majority of troublesome spirit entities are earthbound by nature. (there are many different types of spirit entity, but the earthbound type – earth spirits – are by far the most troublesome. Air, Water, and Fire, type spirits are rarely a problem.)

These troublesome types appear to be bound to the surface of the earth, existing in an energy field that follows the topographical contours of the earth. This energy field is scientifically known, but little studied.

This thinking is supported by repeated observations that they (earthbound spirits) cannot cross running water unaided. They can hitchhike over running water using sensitive animals and humans, but they cannot do this unaided. This can be demonstrated experientially by field work with persons under attack, which I have done for many years, countless incidents. The results are instant in all cases involving the early stages of attack, which can be severe. Subjects include adults and children as young as 9mths, and animals. Beliefs in this situation are irrelevant.

Over the years my approach and message here has come down to ‘early detection and early action = early cure’. If left unattended, like many diseases, it is not long before conditions move beyond the abilities of medicine to help.

Note: running water itself generates EM fields. It is also perfectly grounded, depending on mineral content of the water, of course. Salt mixed with water generates EM fields. The larger the volumes involved, the stronger the EM fields involved.

To remove an intrusive spirit entity from a person – this includes some x human ghost types – say using a garden hose gushing on the ground, the subject simply walks over the running water.

The subject crosses running water and the attack stops immediately. All symptoms -which can be severe enough that the subject cannot walk unaided – vanish. But, if the subject crosses back over the water, the attack begins again instantly. Repeating this a dozen times, seconds apart = a dozen debilitating attacks starting and being broken instantly. What is happening is obvious to the observer, and to the subject. But, why does the entity not just go around the hose, or fly over it. Why is running water such an effective barrier? This tells us a lot, eg, said spirit entities do not have eyes as we do, and they do not perceive us visually, not like we see. They also can’t fly or leave the surface of the earth, or they would do so. This indicates that the entities perceive us humans on an EM level…imagine an EM world where we are seen as discrete units of energy, by other discrete units of energy.

The volume of running water involved is important, as the EM fields generated, and the grounding, increases with volume and speed of water flow. This is a consideration when dealing with very powerful entities that need heavy duty treatment. In this case, a garden hose is coiled and the subject stands on top of this for several minutes. This will break even the worst possible level of attack. A long shower will do the same thing.

Of note: people who experience panic attacks or psychotic episodes, etc, often retreat into a shower for hours at a time. I have consulted with many like this. While under the shower such persons feel normal. This is why they stay there for so long. When they leave the shower, the symptoms start returning. Sound familiar, given the above?

I have brainstormed this at length with respected physicists, and the only way this could work is if the alleged spirits involved are strongly affected by EM fields, and by EM grounding/earthing.

This approach works consistently and reliably and does not depend upon belief, eg, it works on children pre language age, and animals, etc.

We may not understand these things well enough to go beyond what I have said above, but this approach works and solves serious problems.

Again, all spiritual and religious beliefs must be put aside, to do what works. Most of the advice you might get from newage or religious sources is based up belief, which usually involves flawed concepts of the different types of spirit entities involved. And most of the advice that might be given, experience tells me, does not work. Beliefs are powerful, but I have far better results using a garden hose and some power cables than the vast majority of priests and exorcists, etc.

Some people have powerful beliefs and this involves contact with their higher selves. This level of belief, and higher self contact, is highly protective. But, again, it is not a perfect defense. This will stop most common problems, but not all potential problems. So regardless of ones beliefs and confidence, it is wise to have the knowledge I am presenting here. That a simple thing like running water can be a huge help. This is particularly valuable for helping others.

You may personally have rock solid beliefs and confidence that engages your higher self to protect you. This may cause you to poo poo what I have said above out of hand. You might say, all you have to do is this and that. But, and this is a big but, can you extend this to other people, to loved ones and friends, and to children of pre language age, 24/7? No one can do this. EG., you have friends with a baby. The baby starts to experience problems, nightmares, fits, sudden fevers, pains that come and go, etc. Doctors are clueless. It keeps happening. Your beliefs and those of the parents preclude taking any kind of action along the lines of what I have said above.

The truth is, in such a case, a few simple, practical countermeasures and the problem stops and the baby sleeps peacefully from then on. For example, I have solved horrible problems for babies and children just by applying some very simple EM countermeasures. EG, a power extension cord plugged in and coiled beneath child’s bed. Conductive sheets and pillow coverings, connected by wires to water pipes. ETC. The problems are solved instantly due to the EM fields and EM grounding involved.

Now, if anyone can tell me why the above methodology should not be applied, and that there is a better way…some prayer or mantra or magic wand that can be used to make such problems go away…I am all ears?

I have consulted with a lot of people over the past thirty years or so on these types of problems. Beliefs are huge, almost as big as some of the egos I have encountered. Now, if anyone tells you that you just have to believe in this or say this and that and all such problems will melt away, my answer is….Deja Moo…which is the experience of feeling like you have heard the same BS before…..

Sorry, but such people are so annoying. Their beliefs are non-experiential and non-effective. The proof is in the pudding, in what works. And I ‘love’ what works.

I get many replies to my message above, that read like ‘you should talk to so and so. They just say this and that and it all stops. Or, they wear this or do that and the bad things don’t happen, because its so protective’. My answer to this is that, if this works for a 6 month old baby, and this has been proven to repeatedly work in all cases, then you might have something and I am all ears. If not… its all Deja Moo…..

Robert Bruce.